• Maolong Wei

    Master student
    Discovery and purification of natural products
    Email: tianhenlang@163.com

  • Lin Cheng

    Mechanism of Natural Products Biosynthesis
    Email: lincheng2000@hotmail.com

  • Haixin Ying

    Master candidate
    Haiyangmycin Biosynthesis

  • Quanwei Song

    Master student
    Biosynthesis of streptonigrin
    Email: deluxred8@gmail.com

  • Jingfan Qiu

    PhD candidate
    Double Bond Shif in Polyketide Biosynthesis
    Email: qiujingfan@163.com 

  • Lingxin Kong

    Master candidate
    Antibiotic biosynthesis
    Email: konglingxin@163.com

  • Yan Li

    PhD candidate
    Dual Carbamoylation for Ansamitocin Biosynthesis
    Email: swallow__ly@126.com 

  • Cheng Chen

    Master candidate
    Protein and metabolic engineering
    Email: charlie88712@gmail.com

  • Dongjing Qu

    PhD candidate
    Nucleoside Antibiotic Biosynthesis
    Email: dongjingqu@126.com

  • Chunyan Jiang

    PhD candidate
    Biosynthesis of Salinomycin
    Email: happymouse_01@yahoo.com.cn

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