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7.12.1950.1          Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Parents Hans-Rudolf and Gertrud Kieser. British and Swiss citizenship.
1956-1969       Schools in Baden Switzerland, baccalaureate mathematical-technical direction. 
1968-1974       Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, degree in Biochemistry.  This 5-year course included substantial practical laboratory courses in inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, physics, biochemistry and microbiology.
1974-1979       ETH Zurich, PhD on bacterial genetics. I financed these studies by organizing practical courses for undergraduate students. 
1979-2004       Research scientist at the John Innes Centre (JIC), Norwich, under Prof. Sir David Hopwood FRS and Prof Keith Chater FRS. The research on Streptomyces and Mycobacterium is documented in 60 scientific publications and two patents. My work involved supervising students, organising practical courses in Norwich and abroad, editorial work, bioinformatics, and undergraduate student teaching at UEA. 
1994-2004       Visiting Professor and honorary PhD supervisor, Dept Microbial Sciences and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China
2004-2009       High School teacher training at UEA, Norwich. Teaching of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics at state and private schools.
2010                Visiting scholar at Shanghai Jiaotong University (JTU), Laboratory for Microbial Metabolism headed by Prof. DENG Zixin. My function is to support scientist prepare publications in English, and help them to become efficient, independent writers. 
2011 Oct-Dec     Graduate course “The Art of Scientific Research”. All course materials are on 

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